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Hounyeh Kim

Is an Illustrator, Painter and a story writer from Seoul, based in Berlin

I'm a creative mind, interested in finding hidden imaginative narratives in everyday life. I feel like I can place myself at that very narrow gap between fantasy/magic, legend/myth, religion/philosophy, folklore/fairytale, and mysticism/occultism but not exactly on any of these specific realms. 


Coming from a literature background with traditional painting education, I am still exploring the best medium to communicate my ideas to the world. 


Born in South Korea, educated in the USA, and working in Germany. I am a world citizen.  


Story Writing 

Crash of Speies 

The Sunset of Zarathustra 


O-dong and the Engineer Choi 

Latest Exhibitions

Sep.04.2020 - Sep.12.2020

Don't you cry, dear Zarathustra

Platform_L, Seoul

Nov.24.2020 - Mar.01.2020


Asia Culture Center, Gwangju

Oct.27.2020 - Oct.31.2020

Mullae Jigoo

Mullae Art Factory, Seoul

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Illustrator / Painter / Storywriter   | Email:

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